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About the OpenWare Development Group

The OpenWare Development Group is a team of Java Developers who have volunteered their time and knowledge to develop a wide array of Open Source applications built on the Java Platform. Many of our developers have joined the group as a way of gaining practical, real world development experience working with a large-scale development project. Others have joined to improve our software to meet their unique needs, and have contributed these changes back to the open source community.

Without the generous contributions of the members of the development group, from programmers to technical writers, to testers and security analysts, none of this development would have been possible. Listed below are the developers, testers, and other people who have participated in our projects.

Project Administrator

  • Interestingly_Average - The lead developer and administrator of the project.

Java Developers

  • theGeneral - theGeneral is a highly skilled and extremely knowlegeable JAVA developer who has been working to develop the FTP capabilities of the MultiServe cross platform server.
  • Aravindan Ramkumar - Aravindan is a Visual C++ programmer with over a year's experience with Java development, who has been actively working to develop the next version of File Canner.
  • Ming Wu - Ming is an experienced Java developer who has provided valuable assistance in troubleshooting version 1.0 of File Canner.
  • Q_bus - Q_bus has been providing insight into streamlining the File Canner code to make it more efficient and to help prepare the program for future enhancements.

Beta Testers

Coming Soon.