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Developers of Java Based Open Source Software

The OpenWare Development Group is a group of Java Developers dedicated to creating efficient, secure and user-friendly cross platform software based on the Java Platform. All of the applications we develop are designed and tested to ensure that the software is stable on a wide variety of platforms.

Stability, Security, Ease of Use

Our first goal when developing new applications is to ensure the software runs stabily on a variety of platforms. We test this by providing extensive Beta Testing under numerous operating systems and hardware environments.

To ensure our network software is as secure as possible, we open the software for review by the security community, inviting end users and analysts to test the security of the software. Any security issues are addressed by correcting the code, not with patches or temporary workarounds.


Originally developed to provide developers working on the MultiServe project with a way to test how different browsers send requests to servers. This utility provides a simple diagnostic tool for troubleshooting various HTTP connection issues.

Version 1.0 released 4/30/2005.


A combination server, applet and application, this software provides community-type interactivity to web sites and distributed applications.

Still in Alpha Development, no release date.


This cross platform archive tool was originally developed as a GUI replacement for the JAR utility commonly used by Java developers. New versions in development include a cross platform installer and zip archive utility.

Version 1.0 released 4/1/2005.

MultiServe Server

Multi-protocol, multi-platform, multi-threaded server designed with an emphasis on security and ease of use, including support for HTTP, FTP, and Terminal servers.

Still in Alpha Development, no release date.


This application is a utility for updating DDNS servers when the client IP address changes. This is a test of the DDNS client that will be included in a future release of the MultiServe application. This software is currently in Beta release.

Version 0.1.4 was released on 4/2/2005


CompTrack is a simple database program for tracking casino offers and comps. This software is small, fast and stable, and has been designed to run on a variety of platforms.

Still in Alpha Development, no release date.